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Welcome to the pinnacle in the world of personal styling and training. There are stylists and then there is Isobel Kershaw, an Executive Style and Image Excellence Expert. She stands out as a beacon of excellence and expertise, working with global luxury brands and individual clients who recognise the requirement of quality and finesse for transformational results. Isobel believes that style is more than just the clothes you wear. It embodies a language of self expression from the inside out, that reflects your individuality and value. Dressing with intention to reflect your personal brand, creates confidence not only for you but for those who interact with you.

For corporate clients and brands seeking external training programmes to elevate standards, Isobel uniquely fuses styling training and coaching on image excellence with etiquette for a powerful poise, polish and professionalism that no one else in the industry delivers.

Style and Image excellence is in Isobel’s DNA. With over 30 years immersed in this competitive fast paced fashion industry, she is very much a leader. Her ongoing mission is to teach the future’s next top stylists, to transform people’s lives with style and to create bespoke training programmes for retailers and brands to achieve results beyond the ordinary.

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