Founder – The Hon. Isobel Kershaw

Isobel’ s journey through fashion and style

Probably the most qualified stylist and more than likely the most experienced one, Isobel has been thriving in the fashion industry for over 30 years now. Her passion is unequivocal, and her drive and entrepreneurial mindset, ensure she never becomes outdated in this fast paced industry.

Finding her calling at an early age, her degree in fashion led her to first work with designers including Loewe and Jacques Azagury, before starting her executive retail career at Harrods. Over the 9 years, and reaching a director role, working in the most luxurious store in the world, she understands the highest level of customer service and business etiquette in this elite market.

Today, Isobel is not only the founder of The Stylist London, but has also founded two further companies. She launched The London Finishing Academy in 2019, having collaborated with other etiquette companies, as she wanted to build an academy where training was conducted by world renowned experts in the different relative fields. In 2020, she co-founded The Global Style Academy with USA based partner, Kim Apodaca, to enable her to reach a global market and continue training the world’s next top stylists.

Her true passion is everything encompassing fashion, style and coaching. She has delivered training programmes world wide, to companies seeking high level knowledge, delivered with the focus on their brand and customer experience development. Isobel’s long and successful career in the fashion industry, and her success in running businesses, ensures the client feels confident in the level of knowledge and expertise to train people to the highest level.

Her elite experience in both retail, styling and running a business, sets her apart as a leading trainer for brands, corporate clients and ambitious personalities.

Her individual clients are discerning professionals looking to up-level their image, and value the professional luxury service that The Stylist London offers, to ensure they reach their personal and professional goals. Each wardrobe and styling appointment is tailored to the client’s needs, to ensure a unique and personalised professional experience.

And finally, Isobel is a public speaker, being booked for many inspirational presentations, talking about all things style and non-verbal communication.

The Stylist London Ambassador

Lady Penny Mountbatten

Lady Penny Mountbatten has thirty years experience in luxury brand representation and event management. She works with over forty top British retailers and luxury hotels, assisting in the execution of their market entry strategies. With a large network of influential contacts and partners, Penny consistently facilitates opportunities by connecting people and businesses who are looking for investment and distribution.

Penny is also an Ambassador for some Royal Warranted brands and represents the world renowned Royal portrait artist, Ralph Heimans. As a hands-on Patron of four charities, Penny participates in many fundraising events as well as championing sustainable and organic brands and causes.