Style is far more than just the clothes you wear

Style transforms how you feel and how others behave around you. It is powerful, it is instant gratification, and it is worth the investment.

We subconsciously judge people in about 5 seconds!

We may not have seen their home, their car or know what they do, but we judge them purely on their nonverbal communication, the clothes, the watch, the shoes.

In today’s world you are your brand, you are your business card.

Style makes a statement when you walk in a room. It creates presence and positive self confidence that subconsciously inspires others.

Dressing well shows you are driven, ambitious and intelligent. It exudes your best self, from inside out, and tells people who you are.

Style creates success in both professional and personal life!

How does it work?

Step 1: The Executive

Wardrobe Edit

Everything starts with the wardrobe edit. The service is designed for the man whose image and brand have impact in their professional and personal life. He is ready to invest in his wardrobe to transform his confidence and success across all areas of his lifestyle. He understands the importance of not only looking ‘put together’ but how this reflects his personality and attracts the success he desires in life.

The Features

  • Clear the clutter, with direction from Isobel. It defines the way your wardrobe will take shape with a new direction and pieces that you will wear with style.
  • Tailoring review of your suits, jackets and trousers with direction on which brands will work for your body type and lifestyle moving forward.
  • The shop list will be created to understand which items are needed for a complete working wardrobe.

The Benefits

  • The clearly defined wardrobe for improved daily management.
  • Revived existing garments re tailored to improve the fit.
  • Clear direction on the missing items to create the perfect wardrobe for your lifestyle and lifestyle goals.
  • A decluttered system with old clothes taken away for you.
  • A new style brief that reflects your lifestyle, career and personal goals.

Step 2: The Shop


Allow your stylist to take away the stress and inconvenience of shopping. Time is money and money is better spent on a service that is professional and fast.

How many times have I heard that men don’t enjoy shopping, but they do want to look good effortlessly. If that resonates with you, then you have just found the solution.

The Features

  • Brands and a shopping list will have been created before the styling appointment.
  • The stylist researches before the day to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • A rail of clothes will be ready for you at the beginning of the session.
  • The stylist is a trained tailor and will alter or supervise the alteration service.
  • For special events, the Stylist will create a tailored appointment for all your outfit needs.
  • Each outfit will be styled completely to ensure all items such as accessories are considered.

The Benefits

  • A short and successful shopping experience.
  • Your shopping list is covered to perfection.
  • An education on the right brands for you.
  • A new understanding of outfit building to define each part of your lifestyle.
  • Clear advice on how to complete a look with accessories.

Step 3: Your Complete

Wardrobe App

The Stylist uses state of the art software to create your wardrobe account. The system is successful in allowing clients to have to hand outfit options and product selections at any time you require them.

The Features

  • Your own style app with all of your clothes and outfit options to hand
  • You can message your stylist at any time to ask for advice and product choices for any new clothing you require.
  • Style boards created showing you your outfit options with your clothes, old and new.
  • Advice on travel or event pieces shown on a style board created specifically for your ongoing needs.

The Benefits

  • You have your complete wardrobe on an app on your phone, to view at all times wherever you are.
  • You have constant access to your stylist, via the app, to ask for advice on new pieces you need.
  • The organisational factor of the app is a must have.
  • Effortless styling and tailored specifically to you.

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